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Injection Molding

EnTech company specializes in thermoplastic molding. In the small and medium-sized industrial parts market with high demand, EnTech can provide complete supporting services from mold design to injection molding production. From medical products to complex electronic components, more and more manufacturers rely on EnTech for their continuous supply of thermoplastic parts. EnTech designs, manufactures and manufactures molds for thermoplastic plastic parts with a lifespan of millions of molds produced by injection molding engineering or commercial-grade resins. According to customer needs, we can provide custom-made or industry-standard color-specified thermoplastic materials for general injection molding and insert molding methods. In order to ensure the stability of product molding, Etech designs and manufactures exclusive molds with high precision and high stability. From the design to the delivery time of the finished parts, EnTech adheres to its tradition of excellence, and wins the trust of more and more customers with professional services and high quality performance.
Injection Molding



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